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How To Take Kinfe Hits


Welcome!  This photo tutorial should provide you with all the information one would need to correctly take knife hits.

The tutorial is devided into steps.  Each step will include photographic demonstration of the instructions.  Not all steps are requird (these are noted).  These instructions are not set in stone.  Feel free to improvise or change them as nessecary to fit you style, liking, surroundings, or situation.  No, I didn't invent this.  I'm just the messenger, providing information to those in the far East lands of everything East of the West Coast.  Enjoy!

The following people aided in the making of this tutorial: Crazy Bitch, Fairee, Dale Jr. and the Eskimo.

Step Numero Uno:
Obtain the nessecary utensils.

A: Obtain a heat source.

This torch would make an excellent heat source.

When using a torch, make sure to have a proper fitting top.

Stoves also work, both electric and gas.

B: Obtain a hooter.
A "hooter" is usually made of a bottle with the bottom removed.  Glass bottles work best.When using a glass hooter, chill it in the freezer until use and between hits.

For simplicity and ease we used a Diet Coke bottle.

As you can see, the bottom has been removed.

Posing with your hooter should not make you look androgenous.

C: Knives come in handy for knife hits.

Butter knives work best. Any metal knife will suffice,

Do not let anyone with that look touch the knives.

D: Weed also comes in handy.

Oh look! This Crazy Bitch has some.

Mmm. Looks yummy, eh?

A serving tray made of metal is your friend during this process.

When this step is all said and done you should have enough materials to properly take knife hits.

Looks like we're ready for the next step.

Step Numero Dos:
Prepare the weed to be served by splitting it up into tiny balls.  A little weed goes a long way with a knife hit, so I reccomend balls about the size of a 14 guage acrylic piercing jewelry ball.

Take note of the ball size versus the remaining bud.

Step Numero Tres:
Heating the knives.

A: Get the heat source heating.  High heat works best.

When I say "high" heat, I don't mean YOU!

B: Keep botch knives on the heat source until the tips are red hot.

Look at that knife heating technique!

Let's zoom in a little on this HOT action.

Hmmm... heating knives near old weapon cartridge crates...

These knives are ready to roast some bud!

Step Numero Quatro:
Serve the hit.

A: Get the weed on the knife.

Touching the weed with the knife should cause the weed to stick.

B: Rub the knives together (with the weed in the middle) underneath the hooter.  This will burn the pot and the smoke will travel up into the hooter.

Crazy Bitch serves Fairee a PHAT hit.

Fairee serves Crazy Bitch a BIG PHAT hit.

Dale Jr. takes the biggest hit of the night.

Step Numero Cinqo:
Enjoy being stoned!  (This step is not required.  You can be a stingy bastard if you please.)

You should feel *this* good.

This may happen while under the influence.

This too may happen, but I make no guarentees.

Congratulations!  You are now fully educated on the art of kinfe hits and are ready to try them out!  Awesome!  Thank you for using this guide, and I hope you find it useful. Please send all inquires to the eskimo.

This information is being shared only as you have the right to know how. We do not encourage any illegal activity.